May 3, 2009

Semester's over! May at last!

I've spent the last two weeks getting back in the grove at my library job and finishing the winter semester in grad school. Finals and big projects due in the past week have kept me off the blogs so I am catching up today. I've missed you all and I'll be around to check your blogs this week. I feel so free now that I have no homework to do!

may2 008

the world is puff wonderful

may2 013

may2 004


Janet said...

That dandelion gone to seed is so beautiful. I've never really noticed how intricate and lovely they are, even once the color's gone.

Anonymous said...

We missed your voice! Glad to hear you're on the resting end of the school year!

AmpersandToo said...

i have a new-found fascination (obsession maybe) with dandelions. hope to post some shots soon.

love these.