May 31, 2009

Checking in


wind chime

pink rose


wicked easy 1

Been sitting on the front porch, listening to the birds, watching the wind in the trees, making quilts for the teachers that aren't returning, listening to the boys squabble, drinking lemonade, counting the last days of school....

I haven't taken many photos this month. A kind of vacation from blogging, since May is so crazy at school. Feeling like summer...

Also, I want to share my favorite photography blog - if you've never visited Shutter Sisters you are missing something great! Every post is an inspiration, a tip on how to take better pictures, a contest to enter, or a story of how magical photography can be in our every day lives. Take a look!

1 comment:

Schelle said...

Is that bright pink (4th one down) a peony? It's lovely - and those iris - such a splendid blue :)