April 10, 2009

Little bouquet

apr 9 024

apr 9 033

apr 9 035

apr 9 042

apr 9 037


Ruth said...

Your bouquet is very sweet. Apple blossoms? Periwinkle?

I brought some forsythia indoors too, a few weeks ago, to force them (a little late). I wanted their spring hope in the house, before they bloomed outside. When we came back from NY they were really open. I love them.

The clarity and composition of your photos are stunning.

Scriptor Senex said...

I agree with Ruth - some lovely composition. I am so careless about my backgrounds. I must take more care. Loved the one of through the side of the vase/jar.

AmpersandToo said...

great shots ... i particularly love the second, third and last ones.

in the second, the yellow against the aqua color. in the third the stems in the vase -- very creative! and the tiny centers of the flowers -- so clear -- in the last one.