April 24, 2009


December 21, 2008:

lilac buds in ice

March 29, 2009:

lilac buds

Three days ago:



apr 23 007

About seven years ago I took some small volunteer lilac sprouts from edge of my yard that had come under the fence from my neighbor's yard. I re-planted them on the sunny side of my house, envisioning a hedge that would burst into a purple cloud every spring. This year they are taller than my head and have many blooms opening. I LOVE lilacs. They are the scent of heaven. I wish I could send you some over the airwaves.


Ruth said...

ICE?? In CA??

The third photo isn't loading. I love the others. I too love lilacs, and the smell is heaven.

Ours will come soon.

Ruth said...

Oh wait, I don't think you're in CA! Sorry about that. :|

imac said...

Brill post great shots and colourful.

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Audrey Mango said...

Gorgeous! I especially love December. These are beautiful. :)

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

These are beautiful photos! I seeing the changes through the different seasons.
Be well