March 23, 2009

seeds, buds, sunshine

herb seed trays

I can't seem to get enough of planting seeds. I am going to give these away to friends and maybe take some plants to the library plant sale in May. Looking forward to working in the garden over the next couple months.

pussy willow sprout

The pussy willow twigs are starting to put out leaf buds.

sitting in the sun

Sunday afternoon we sat in the sun. Punkin was a grouch in need of cuddling and I was happy to oblige.


imac said...

Very nice collection of pics.
Like your B/W pic of you both.

ELK said...

poetry in word and images ~touches my heart this day ~ ELK

Scriptor Senex said...

Super picture of you - really happy!

I wish our library had a plant sale. I also wish I could find a pen that wrote on plant labels without washing off. I have so many blank labels around the garden! My latest experiment is using a Dymo gun and sticking the tape to the labels - I wait to see if it works.

AmpersandToo said...

these are great shots. I really like the composition of the first shot so much. i am often a grouch in need of cuddling. :)