February 8, 2009

A Restful Drink

steaming cup of rest

When I lived in China in the mid 80s I learned to drink plain hot water. For centuries the common people in China could not afford tea leaves, had no interest in coffee, and routinely boiled their drinking water to purify it. Most people drank hot water as a matter of habit, for comfort, and for good health. We always had thermoses filled with hot water available and my students and friends encouraged me to drink it plain and simple. It is amazingly soothing and cleansing to drink plain hot water. If you like to drink cold water you should try it hot.

I am participating in the Shutter Sister's One Word project for February. My word of focus is "rest". I am trying to visualize restfulness and take photos of whatever comes to mind this month. What do you see as "rest"?


Your Photo Tips said...

Very interesting. I've never drank plain hot water before. I've heard of photographers and fashion stylist to instruct models to do that in order to cleanse and rejuvinate their skin, but I've never heard of it in a more lax environment.

Perhaps I will try it.


gina marie said...

haha...i was going to do that one for "BEgin" but I am too tired in the morning to drag out my camera. That is a great shot...can I put it on my blog? Just kidding.

gina marie said...

My first comment was before I read your post. Mine is definitely coffee. But hot water sounds interesting. I may try it in the afternoon and yes, that being said it does bring to mind "rest."

Anonymous said...

I drink hot water. I drank a lot of it when I was sick with this pregnancy. It is pretty filling...for a few mugfulls!

Jen Coleman said...

Hi -- I'd like to borrow your picture (with attribution) for use on our nonprofit environmental web site, Oregon Environmental Council. Is that ok with you?

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Jen that is fine. Thanks for asking!! Could you send me a link if you put it online? Thx.