February 2, 2009

Breakfast (rest)

breakfast room

When I first bought this house and moved in, my friend, who is an artist, gave me advice about painting the walls. She said to think about how the colors would look next to each other if you were sitting at one end of the house and looking across the rooms. She also told me to pick some small object like a textile or picture that I liked with the color pallet that I wanted to have throughout the house. Then choose paint colors from that pallet for all the rooms.

I chose the quilt I was going to have in my bedroom, and painted every room in the house with colors from that quilt. When the house was finished being painted she laughed and said it reminded her of a Caribbean summer house. I like that.

These slow mornings of rest and recuperation I am just watching the light move across the color pallet.

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Schelle said...

I like your choices - beautiful and SO peaceful. I hope one day I will have a house where I can choose the paint colours, instead of living forever with ugly peeling wallpaper :P The few rooms where we have been able to renovate and paint make such a difference. I will remember your friend's advice for the future!