January 1, 2009

Mall Carousel

carousel tiger

We indulged in the traditional New Year's Day spending of the gift cards. I hardly ever go to the mall so it's a real treat. Buddy got a second hand DS & game, which was one of top the things on his Christmas list. By pooling all the money and gift cards he got from relatives he had just enough. We rode the carousel, ate at the food court, and then went to the Toy store for Punkin's spending spree. He got a V-Tech game player on sale and two games (buy one, get one free). This is definitely the youngest I have ever put a kid on a video game. He loves it and wants to sleep with it! I am grateful to my brothers and sisters for their generosity towards my kids.

BTW, I know absolutely nothing about either of these game systems. Anyone have any tips? Do kids actually learn useful stuff from them?

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Sherry said...

The colors! "So happymaking" as my daughter would say.