January 15, 2009

Gifted three times

farida's snowdrop

Today when I came home from school I found this charming little snowdrop in my mailbox, send from Alkelda. Isn't she the sweetest?

sunset jan 14

Yesterday when I came home I found a lovely card from my aunt with a check in it. She told me to buy something soft and warm to comfort me. I am so blessed!

waiting for mom

The day before that when I got home I found a package on the porch. It was a handmade crocheted prayer shawl from my sister done in purple and pink sparkle yarn. I am wrapped in it right now. I am surrounded by love.


Mary Lee said...

I took almost the exact same sunset shot tonight with that shaft of red going straight up to heaven!

I haven't gone public yet, but I'll tell you -- because of your inspiration, I am doing Project 365 this year. Thank you for nudging me to open my eyes and really see the world around me!

You are in my thoughts with every picture I take.

Susan T. said...

Look at those cute boys! I love seeing them here.

What lovely gifts, Cloudscome.

And how exciting that Mary Lee is going to start a photo blog, too. See what you got going, Cloudscome?

Sherry said...

So wonderful to hear blessings such as you received. Your thanksgiving gives us smiles.

Cloudscome said...

Mary Lee I am so excited to hear that! I hope you are going to blog those photos soon. Can't wait to see them!