December 28, 2009

kicking snowbank

kicking snowbank, originally uploaded by cloudscome.

4 year old son Puck got a new bike for Christmas. It rained for two days, melting most of the snow. First sunshine we were out there in the mud & slush, going for a bike ride.

gf spice cake

gf spice cake, originally uploaded by cloudscome.

Gluten Free Pantry Ginger Spice cake with whipped cream, made for Christmas breakfast. Merry merry happy happy! What about you?

August 9, 2009

what we are up to


aug. 8 007

mowing the lawn

Is seven too young to start mowing the lawn? I didn't think so.

July 6, 2009

.Quiet waters, slow times around here.

grammy's hat


cheese picnic

clivia on porch

house wren


I got my camera back from the Canon shop. They said they tested it and found nothing wrong. But it still looses battery power after a very short time, so I am not happy. I just wasted time sending it in and now I have lost my mojo for taking pictures every day. It's too much bother I am afraid. I hate the time it takes me to upload and process them on my cranky old PC too. So I am going outside and lay in the hammock instead. I've got books to read!

June 17, 2009

Wicked Easy Quilts

wavy quilting

maritime easy

machine quilting

wicked easy quilt

These two quilts were made with the Wicked Easy quilt pattern found here. They really are quick and easy when done with a rotary cutter, strip piecing, and machine quilting. I made both of them in a four day weekend. I learned once again that it's worth the extra expense to buy cotton quilt batt, as it quilts so much easier and smoother on the machine. I like the way it feels when finished too.

I had to send my camera into Cannon for repair because it won't hold a battery charge. I miss it and I hope it comes back safe and sound. Has anyone else had trouble with the batteries on a Canon Powershot A590 IS?

June 2, 2009

May mosaic

My 2009 365

I didn't take as many pictures this month. Too busy doing all that stuff IRL.

Pink & green: African violets & a quilt

African Violet 3

roman tiles quilt

The green in this quilt photographed really, really bright. It's not one you would fall asleep too, but rather the kind of couch quilt you want to use when you are up late studying. I made it for one of the boys' daycare teachers. She is leaving the daycare to go back to nursing school. We will miss her & her smiles and hugs!

May 31, 2009

Checking in


wind chime

pink rose


wicked easy 1

Been sitting on the front porch, listening to the birds, watching the wind in the trees, making quilts for the teachers that aren't returning, listening to the boys squabble, drinking lemonade, counting the last days of school....

I haven't taken many photos this month. A kind of vacation from blogging, since May is so crazy at school. Feeling like summer...

Also, I want to share my favorite photography blog - if you've never visited Shutter Sisters you are missing something great! Every post is an inspiration, a tip on how to take better pictures, a contest to enter, or a story of how magical photography can be in our every day lives. Take a look!

May 3, 2009

April Mosaic

April 2009 mosaic

April was a really, really good month. May is going to be even better. Happy, happy, happy. How about you?

Semester's over! May at last!

I've spent the last two weeks getting back in the grove at my library job and finishing the winter semester in grad school. Finals and big projects due in the past week have kept me off the blogs so I am catching up today. I've missed you all and I'll be around to check your blogs this week. I feel so free now that I have no homework to do!

may2 008

the world is puff wonderful

may2 013

may2 004

Final week of April: flowers

bleeding heart


apr 30 024

April 27, 2009

Sunday afternoon

apr 26 012

Record breaking heat yesterday at 92 degrees. We got out the wading pool and the hammock after the soccer game. End of the day came with sherbet on the patio. Nice.

April 25, 2009

Quilt to be auctioned for fellow blogger Bridget Zinn

auction baby quilt 7

auction baby quilt 6

auction baby quilt 5

100% cotton, machine pieced and machine quilted baby quilt. 32"x38".

I made this baby quilt for the online auction (May 1- 29) for blogger Bridget Zinn. Bridget is a young adult librarian and author. She was diagnosed with cancer this past winter and is undergoing aggressive and expensive treatment. The auction is to help her and her newlywed husband with the cost of treatment. Details are here at Deowriter, and here is Bridget's website.

April 24, 2009


December 21, 2008:

lilac buds in ice

March 29, 2009:

lilac buds

Three days ago:



apr 23 007

About seven years ago I took some small volunteer lilac sprouts from edge of my yard that had come under the fence from my neighbor's yard. I re-planted them on the sunny side of my house, envisioning a hedge that would burst into a purple cloud every spring. This year they are taller than my head and have many blooms opening. I LOVE lilacs. They are the scent of heaven. I wish I could send you some over the airwaves.

April 23, 2009

April golden, April cloudy,

pink tullip

baby leaves

...Gracious, cruel, tender, rowdy;
April soft in flowered languor,
April cold with sudden anger,...

Ogen Nash's full poem here.

There is a poetry round up every Friday for anyone who posts poetry. Today it is hosted at Lisa Chellman's blog. Enjoy!

April 15, 2009

Cherry trees in bloom

cherry blossoms

weeping cherry blossoms

These are the two cherry trees in my front yard. The pink one is a weeping cherry and the other one is an ornamental cherry. Here's a guide to types of Japanese cherry trees.