December 21, 2008

Brown Lego Guy?

brown lego guy ?

Last year I posted about how I was looking for Lego to make some people in natural skin colors. All the Lego guys and gals are yellow, have you ever noticed? I wrote to them asking why they didn't have any brown skinned people. They told me they thought it was better to make everyone the same so we wouldn't have to deal with race/ethnicity. (That's my paraphrase of their statement). I disagree. I think it makes more sense to make kid's toy people in the natural range of skin colors so they see a realistic diversity. It's the one thing I don't like about Legos, an otherwise excellent toy.

My son Buddy went to a birthday party yesterday where the party bags included a play set with these lego look-alikes. We were delighted to notice this brown skinned guy.

When I said, "Hey, look! He's got brown skin!"

Buddy said, "I'M BROWN!!" with a huge grin. That's what I'm talking about.

What about it, Lego?


Anonymous said...

I am a huge Lego fan as they are Danish. But yes, the Lego yellow as the default has always bugged me too! There are some "ethnic legos" out there--the basketball players. But the Native Americans and "island" people are yellow too. I wrote a short short (200 words) about ethnic legos for a lit. journal. Here's the link: And thanks for the photo!

Cloudscome said...

Heidi I remember that essay of yours. It's very good! You've made some great points. Thanks for commenting.

Cloudscome said...

On second thought it's not really an essay, is it? It's a story with a bite.