December 21, 2008

El Savadoran Angel

El Salvadoran Angel

I received this adorable angel ornament as a teacher gift the other day. It's sold by People of Hope Crafts, a nonprofit that "supports a network of 20 artisan cooperatives throughout El Salvador. We do this through the sales and marketing of their fair trade crafts in the United States. We are committed to paying fair wages and establishing sustainable livelihoods." Isn't that a great gift idea? Check them out if you are still shopping!

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robin bird said...

well hello! thank you so much for your visit today and linking to my blog here :) we have even MORE snow today in addition to a lot of ice over the top. congratulations oon keeping you 365 going... i have not managed it all although i am still having fun in spite of that :)that is a nice ornament and a good cause too.