December 7, 2008

Caps to Cap-Haitien

infant caps

I've finished 14 of these newborn infant caps for the Caps to Cap-Haitien project. Midwives attending birthing women in Haiti will be bringing birthing kits containing these newborn caps. I'm so happy to be part of this project! Read all about it on Mama to Mama. Here's what Amanda said about the partner organization Konbit Sante:

Konbit Sante is a Maine-based volunteer partnership working to save lives and improve health care in northern Haiti. In Haitian Creole, a konbit is a traditional method of working together to till your friends' and neighbors fields as well as your own - a cooperative effort. Sante means health. The name defines their committment to address the staggering health problems in northern Haiti where most lack basic care and live without running water. One aspect of their work involves OB/GYN care . Konbit Sante is working to assemble Safe Birthing Kits to be distributed by traditional birth attendants in the desperately poor Fort St. Michel area of Cap-Haitien. These kits - consisting of plastic sheeting, hand sanitizer, a sterile piece of string and razor blade, and these newborn baby caps - have the potential to reduce infant and maternal mortality, and give babies a safer, healthier start.

You've got a few days more if you want to join in!

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