October 23, 2008

Chess with little kids

Oct.22 010

Today I visit my son's kindergarten during choice time to play chess with whoever is interested. At home I've been leaving out the chess set to let the little boys play around with it. This is the type of game my three year old likes: dump out all the pieces and play a game he calls "crowd". He and my six year old can spend a good half an hour moving the pieces around and trading them, making up stories. They like to include the checkers and a few marbles from "Hungry Hippo" just for fun.

When I work with kindergarten and first graders learning chess my first goal is just to get them to recognize the pieces and learn how each one can move. Today we'll just try setting up the boards and figure out who already knows how to play. You might be surprised at how many five and six year olds know quite a bit about chess.

We have some good books in the library for kids learning chess:

The Kids' Book of Chess by Harvey Kidder

Chess for Juniors by Robert M. Snyder

How to Beat Your Dad at Chess by Murray Chandler

Chess: From first moves to checkmate by Daniel King

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Anonymous said...

You should check out Storybox. They are great for Kids aged 3-6 and have a drawing competition on this month in association with Sesame Street!