August 1, 2008

what is contained in the spore

July 31 033

"Spores of bluefern growing in the hollow along the riverbank float toward the water in silver-blue lines hard to see unless you are in or near them, lying right at the river's edge when the sunshots are low and drained. Often they are mistook for insects - but they are seeds in which the whole generation sleeps confident of a future. And for a moment it is easy to believe each one has one - will become all of what is contained in the spore: will live out its days as planned. This moment of certainty lasts no longer than that; longer, perhaps than the spore itself.

On a riverbank in the cool of a summer evening two women struggled under a shower of silvery blue. They never expected to see each other again in this world and at the moment couldn't care less. But there on a summer night surrounded by bluefern they did something together appropriately and well. A pateroller passing would have sniggered to see two throw-away people, two lawless outlaws - a slave and a barefoot whitewoman with unpinned hair - wrapping a ten-minute-old baby in the rags they wore. But no pateroller came and no preacher. The water sucked and swallowed itself beneath them. There was nothing to disturb them at their work. So they did it appropriately and well." - Beloved by Toni Morrison


Scrivener said...

What a super-cool shot. I like the golden colors and the lines in the background, paired with all those repeated blue reflections in the glass. And you know I'm gonna love an epigraph from Beloved to go with it.

Yankee, Transferred said...

Love it.

Cloudscome said...

Sometimes the days I am bored and without an inspiration until I start to play are the days I surprise myself the most.

Gawdess said...

all the reflections and colours are astonishing.