August 2, 2008

The stillness of that last sea

Aug. 1 018

"After that for many days without wind in her shrouds or foam at her bows, across a waveless sea, the Dawn Treader glided smoothly east. Every day and every hour the light became more brilliant and still they could bear it. No one ate or slept and no one wanted to, but they drew buckets of dazzling water from the sea, stronger than wine and somehow wetter, more liquid, than ordinary water, and pledged one another silently in deep draughts of it. And one or two of the sailors who had been oldish men when the voyage began now grew younger every day. Everyone on board was filled with joy and excitement, but not an excitement that made one talk. the further they sailed the less they spoke, and then almost in a whisper. The stillness of that last sea laid hold on them." -The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis


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Fabulous photo and I really love the quote from Voayge of the Dawn Treader.