July 30, 2008

wherever the path or the river is going

At lunch yesterday I was telling the little boys that I hadn't taken a water picture for the day yet. We had been to the playground to ride bikes and I had a lot of pictures, but none of water. I didn't expect them to have a response, I was sort of talking to myself in their presence. Buddy, my six year old, said, "How about a picture of something like water but not water? Shiny." He nodded over to the fender of the bike parked next to him. Isn't that clever? I had actually taken this shot of the shiney bike fender of Punkin's trike.

July 29 010


"'It's funny about paths and rivers,'" he mused. You see them go by, and suddenly you feel upset and want to be somewhere else - wherever the path or the river is going perhaps. I shall have to tell Moomintroll about this, and we can explore it together, because it would be a bit risky for me to go alone." Then he carved a secret sign on a tree-trunk with his pen-knife, so that he could find the place again, and thought proudly: "Moomintroll will be surprised." And after that he scooted home as fast as he could so as not to be late for lunch." - Comet in Moominland by Tove Jansson

sun on green


gina marie said...

Adorable! What a sweet kid and a creative one too! I love watching children from behind. That is usually our vantage points as parents...they are always on the move. The image of the back of my son pedaling down the street will forever be etched in my mind.

Gawdess said...

I like the title of your post too, I think Buddy is right about shiny like water, they are great shots.