July 27, 2008

well on its way to wine

July 26 021

"Nothing else in the world would do but the pure water which had been summoned from the lakes far away and the sweet fields of grassy dew on early morning, lifted to the open sky, carried in laundered clusters, nine hundred miles brushed with wind, electrified with high voltage, and condensed upon cool air. This water, falling, raining, gathered yet more of the heavens in its crystals. Taking something of the east wind and the west wind and the north wind and the south, the water made rain and the rain, within this hour of rituals, would be well on its way to wine.

Douglas ran with the dipper. He plunged it deep in the rain barrel. 'Here we go!'

The water was silk in the cup; clear, faintly blue silk. It softened the lip and the throat and the heart, if drunk. This water must be carried in dipper and bucket to the cellar, there to be leavened in freshets, in mountains stream, upon the dandelion harvest."
-Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury


Yankee T said...

Lovely, really lovely.

concretegodmother said...

this photo is enthralling! wow.

i haven't read this book in ages. i think i've forgotten most of it. (sighs. adds it to ever-growing list of reread needs.)

Scrivener said...

What a beautiful shot, and I love the title. I've never read Dandelion Wine but a friend was just telling me about it two days ago and exhorting me to read it now. Nice synchronicity.