July 20, 2008

the sweetest water

July 19 007

"Now. You pump the handle," he said to Geeder.

Geeder pumped. Soon, they heard a dry, harsh sound. A minute later, water came gushing out.

"Have a drink," Uncle Ross said. He took a tin cup from a hook by the door and filled it, first offering it to Geeder and then to Toeboy.

"Oh!" Geeder said. "That's just the sweetest water!"

From that moment on, they refused to drink the perfectly good water from the sink in the kitchen and feasted in the pump room on well water cold as ice."
-Zeely by Virginia Hamilton


Amperes said...

i'm really impressed by the color in this shot. it's cool to see other people undertaking something as involved as project 365...check out ShutterCal.com for for a site designed specifically with this type of project in mind

Kohana said...

I should have taken you to see the spring that my Grandfather discovered under their old farmhouse. He dug out under the front porch, with a pick axe, and made a little room with a pool for the water, and a tin cup for dipping up the frigid, refreshing water.

Cloudscome said...

Kohana that is so cool! I remember you told me about it and I can just picture it under the porch. I guess it was too cold to think of it in November, right? But this July... mmmm.

Gawdess said...

these are just wonderful pictures and posts!

Yankee, Transferred said...