July 16, 2008

quiet water

July 15 011

"Leaving the main stream, they now passed into what seemed at first sight like a little land-locked lake. Green turf sloped down to either edge, brown snaky tree-roots gleamed below the surface of the quiet water, while ahead of them the silvery shoulder and foamy tumble of a weir, arm-in-arm with a restless dripping mill-wheel, that held up in its turn a grey-gabled mill-house, filled the air with a soothing murmur of sound, dull and smothery yet with little clear voices speaking up cheerfully out of it at intervals. It was so very beautiful that the Mole could only hold up both forepaws and gasp, 'O my! O my! O my!'"
-The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame


gina marie said...

I love your blog. Your photography is beautiful and I love the corresponding scriptures. I am not a weirdo...just another blogger/photographer who found yours through "Read Write Believe." You actually inspired me to start my own 365 blog.


Yankee, Transferred said...

Another wonderful shot, my friend.

Gawdess said...

I like the way the willows frame this beautiful scene

jo(e) said...

Perfect match for that quote!

writer2b said...

I love the part where Rat says something like "What the river doesn't know isn't worth knowing, and what it doesn't have isn't worth having." Great representation of contentment.

I've been enjoying all these water pics. Every one.

Cloudscome said...

Yes I've always loved that passage. I like how he says, "messing about in boats, simply messing about in boats..." so dreamily. I'm there.