July 26, 2008

meeting Pleasure

cool drink

"And now he realized that there was a delicious coolness over every part of him except his head, that his feet rested on nothing, and that he had for sometime been performing unconsciously the actions of a swimmer. He was riding the formless swell of an ocean, fresh and cool after the fierce temperatures of Heaven, but warm by earthly standards - as warm as a shallow bay with sandy bottom in a sub-tropical climate. As he rushed smoothly up the great convex hillside of the next wave he got a mouthful of the water. It was hardly at all flavored with salt; it was drinkable - like fresh water and only, by an infinitesimal degree, less insipid. Though he had not been aware of thirst till now, his drink gave him a quite astonishing pleasure. It was almost like meeting Pleasure itself for the first time. He buried his flushed face in the green translucence, and when he withdrew it, found himself once more on the top of a wave.

There was no land in sight. The sky was pure, flat gold like the background of a medieval pictures. It looked very distant - as far off as a cirrhus cloud looks from earth. The ocean was gold too, in the offing, flecked with innumerable shadows. The nearer waves, though golden where their summits caught the light, were green on their slopes: first emerald, and lower down a lustrous bottle green, deepening to blue where they passed beneath the shadow of other waves." -Perelandra by C.S. Lewis


concretegodmother said...

oh, how i love this book! now i'm thinking it may be time for a reread! the way lewis describes the fresh, totally encompassing sensory pleasure is astonishing and new to me every time. what a delicious thing is this post!

Cloudscome said...

Thank you. I always loved this book. Reading again to find this passage I realized it is a pretty complicated read. Some of the long descriptive, explanatory passages in the beginning are a bit dry. I'm not sure how I could love it so much as a teen. I guess it's the imagery of the ocean - so luscious!

Gawdess said...

mmmmm the picture is as refreshing as the passage and I am embarrassed to say that I haven't read this one and now I must find it!