July 21, 2008

cold and wet and weight


"The second thing I remember is that I went up to the spring of our creek in the fog in early morning in the winter. It was my first time as a Blue Clay child to dip up water for the new-moon wakwa. I was so cold I cried. The older children laughed at me and said I had spoiled the water. My grandmother was officiating, and she told me the water was all right, and let me carry the moon-jar all the way back to town; but I bawled and snivelled all the way, because I was cold and heavy. I can feel that cold and wet and weight now in old age, and see the dead arms of the manzanita black in the fog, and hear the voices laughing and talking before and behind me on the steep path beside the creek." -"Stone Telling" from Always Coming Home by Ursula K. LeGuin


Gawdess said...

again, how beautiful, both are -

Ruth said...

This photo is incredibly beautiful and really fills me up (like it is filled).