June 28, 2008

I shall be satisfied

As for me, I shall behold your face in righteousness;
when I awake, I shall be satisfied with your likeness.

little dresses

Yesterday I attended the funeral of an old friend. We were in the same book club for years. She taught my son in kindergarten and I taught her daughter in kindergarten. She died of a sudden heart attack. The memorial service was heartbreaking. Listening to her family and closest friends remember and mourn her loss was wrenching.

Her brother shared that he had just attended the ivy league university graduation of her daughter. At the ceremony there were over a thousand graduates and not enough chairs set up for all of them. He was complaining that if it had been his neighboring famous engineering school graduation the engineers would have made sure there were enough chairs. She just quietly said, "Well, arts and sciences people just go get more chairs."

He also said that he knew she was looking forward to joining her late husband in heaven. He read us a portion of her diary where she had written about visiting his grave last March. She wrote how much she missed him still, ten years after his death. They are together now, in peace in the presence of Jesus.


Ruth said...

How sad. It's hard when someone passes so suddenly, unexpectedly.

That's a sweet photo!

Yankee T said...

Wonderful photo, and a very touching post.