April 1, 2008

March Mosaic

March 2008 365

March was a month of flowers for me. Still freezing cold and often dreary, but the spots of sunshine stand out in my mind. Yellow and Purple seem to be the theme.

Most of the time I was either out doors or working with natural light streaming in the window, which makes the photos much better overall. I'm still not very good at indoor shots with artificial light but I think my camera is partly to fault. (Easy to say, right?) It's an inexpensive point and shoot Kodak Z730. Nothing fancy about the lens. Not very versatile. I think I've learned how to use it a little better in the last three months. I am looking forward to the next several months of photographing nature subjects and my kids out doors.

Since this is my second year doing it, most of the same flower subjects will be opening in my garden. Here's the post with last year's spring mosaics. This year I want to focus on composition and finding ways to make the familiar look interesting. Not just another pansy or rose, but one with personality. I want to read more photography texts and study some great photographers. Any suggestions?


Yankee, Transferred said...

Great! As soon as I get home from this trip, I'm going to create mine.

rachel said...

I LOVE this monthly mosaic idea. I might have to steal it from you! :)