January 1, 2008

december 2007

december 2007, originally uploaded by cloudscome.

Here is my last mosaic of 2007. I didn't do as bad as I feared, although I clearly could use some work on the indoor shots. I do best on a sunny day.

I intend to keep right on taking photos every day and posting them here through 2008. I hope I learn as much again as I have in the past year. And I hope you all will join me! Leave me a comment if you are doing 365 so I can link you.


Anonymous said...

cloudscome, I got a brand new nifty camera from Santa and am VERY EXCITED. You have inspired me! I am going to try and post a photo a day, too. Starting later today. I'll post my new blog URL on my regular blog.

Ampersand said...

Hey Clouds, I'm at Ampersand & Boogiman 365 now.

Happy New Year!

Cloudscome said...

ampersand that link is a page in Chinese. ?

Ampersand said...

Haha. I should check those links before I hit that publish button! I'm glad I did not link to anything untoward. (Well, since I don't know Chinese, I guess I can't be sure.)

But aren't those Chinese characters so cool?

Thanks for finding us anyway. :)