December 29, 2007

spending gift cards

punkin's train, originally uploaded by cloudscome.
We had a lovely morning at our favorite book store. The little boys had gift cards to spend. They played at the train table for a while and then started drifting over to the Disney toys and movie story books. I wanted them to buy Mo Willams Elephant and Piggy books. We compromised on a couple new train locomotives and Thomas books. They had enough left over to sit in the cafe and eat cupcakes. One chocolate and one vanilla... and with a bit of negotiation they each got a tastes of the other's. Only one problem; I made the mistake of having a coffee that must have had a gluten additive because I am sick this evening.
They were happy to play trains and trucks on the floor as soon as we got home. I got to play with my camera and Picasa2 on the tablet PC. A great vacation day on the whole.
punkin counting train cars
buddy's fire truck


KOSTAS said...

Very good blog, and the photographs also.
The children are glad with the games and the sweets.
I wish New Year 2008 it gives in all the children of ground health, happiness and chance in their life.
The God you it blesses.

imac said...

Thats one of the reasons I like Christmas, when the kids are young to enjoy.
Nice photos and great post.

History of tree -and more- up now

jo(e) said...

I used to spend hours playing with trains when I was a kid. I still have a huge collection of wooden trains and tracks that I'm saving for when I have grandchildren ....

Sharon said...

Oh yes, my house looks like Sodor exploded in the middle of it! LOL. Don't you love Picasa? Very cool effects.