November 30, 2007

November Mosaic

My creation, originally uploaded by cloudscome.

One word: leaves.

I added a few extra pictures here just to round out the square. So many of these leaf shots I really like.

Next month I am going to work on indoor photography. I really don't know my camera well in this area. I may be posting a lot of really bad photos.


imac said...

What a beautiful collection you have for November.

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Catherine said...

Great November Mosaic...beautiful capture's!! You have a very nice blog! Enjoyed my first visit here!

Kerri said...

Keep your photos coming!!! Lots of time what we as the photographer think is "bad"...others see "good" in.

This collage is absolutely beautiful!

imac said...


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Susan said...

I don't know where you live but all I can say is that is where *I* want to live. Very badly. This is so beautiful it made me ache.