November 27, 2007

After dinner

After dinner, originally uploaded by cloudscome.

I need some serious help with shooting in indoor light. The only way I could rescue this shot was to enhance it and then make it black and white. I shot in the living room light with no flash because I liked the way the light hit their faces. But my camera settings were way off! It's a point and shoot so I don't have much control. Help please! Who can tell me how to get good shots with indoor light and a cheap camera? It's a Kodak EasyShare Z730. December is going to be my month to try to learn indoor photography.


Dawn said...

Well, I'm sure as heck no photographer but I LOVE this picture!!!

Gawdess said...

I think you have a really great touch with all the photos that you post.
I would like to see it from before you altered it - I'd like to see it.
Could we email more about this?
I don't know a lot about photography yet but I am learning too and you are good.

Cloudscome said...

Thanks gawdess. Your praise means a lot to me because I love all your photographs.

I am afraid I didn't save the original. Because the light was low and I didn't set the camera correctly it was really grainy. By enhancing it I brought out the highlights, and in black and white the contrast is sharp enough to show the subjects. But it still looks grainy and wouldn't make a good enough print I am afraid.

Sharon said...

Sweet pic!

Kerri said...

A pic to treasure!

I am absolutely terrible with "people" shots! I really need to work on it...and I'm with you about indoors...I really need to work on that too!